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Saint-Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia,politically incorporated as a federal subject (a federal city). It is located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. 

In 1914 the name of the city was changed from Saint-Petersburg to Petrograd,in 1924 to Leningrad,and in 1991,back to Saint-Petersburg. In Russian literature,informal documents,and discourse,the word "Saint" is usually omitted,leaving "Petersburg". In casual conversation Russians may drop the "burg" as well,referring to it as "Piter".

Saint-Petersburg cherishes and venerates its history and culture in an incredible number of museums ranging from the stunning treasures of the Hermitage to the private artifacts of world-famous artists,writers and scientists.

Saint-Petersburg is beginning to grow a restaurant scene that it can genuinely be proud of. For visitors,there is a huge amount to explore,from traditional Russian cuisine in palatial surroundings to modern rooftop terraces serving international fusion menus.

Saint-Petersburg is a unique tourist destination. Due to its location,history,architecture,famous citizens and a fascinating mixture of nature and art of building the Northern Capital can provide a tourist with all kinds of impressions.

You will have a chance to see the best places in Saint Petersburg within the Congress program.

Below you will find useful and necessary information for a comfortable stay in Saint-Petersburg.

The Saint-Petersburg Subway Map

 Public transport
Above-ground transport runs from 6:00 till 00:00.
Mini-buses run from 7:00 till 00:00.
Underground runs from 5:45 till 00:00.
In summer,if you move around Saint-Petersburg at night (on foot or by car),do not forget about the drawbridges. The detailed bridges opening schedule in 2018 shall be published later.
The electric power system of the city: AC current,220V voltage,current frequency 50Hz,plug-and-socket connection with two circular joints.

We will provide free bus tours to those who register for the full conference

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