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ISCDBU a Golden Leaf Hall of Fame

As one of the outstanding honors of ISCDBU,it is holding an international congress with the presence of sophisticated participants from 47 countries on June 12-14,in Saint Petersburg,near the Neva River,one the most attractive and dream cities in the world,With the reference to the Supreme Leader of Ira,Ayatullah Khamenei to enhance the capacity of the scientific community and to provide the scientific and operational capabilities of Iranian researchers in international arenas.

Keynote speaker of the congress

1.    Prof. Barbara  Sicherl Kafol   

Full Professor of Music Education University of Ljubljana,slovenia

2.    Agüero-Calvo Evelyn   

Professor of Mathematics,Technological Institute of Costa Rica

3.    Domingo Docampo Amoedo                   

Full Professor / Department: Signal Theory and Communications/  Vigo University | spain

4.    Albalawi Mohammed                  

Assistant  Professor / University of Sharjah  

5.    Tito Anamuro John Albert        

Assistant professor Universidad del Norte,Colombia